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2018-05-16 The Library of the 3rd FM CU makes an announcement about reader's amnesty Overdue books

Have you forgotten to return the books to the library in time and are you afraid of penalty now? You do not have to.

2017-10-11 Academic Bookshop presents books for sale on October 19th, 2017 logo Academic Bookshop

Academic Bookshop presents books for sale on Thursday, October 19th, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. in entrance hall of the Third Faculty of Medicine.

2009-04-10 Access to Databases and E-resources (portal PEZ) and Remote Access to E-sources for Students (portal EZ Proxy)

Portal EZ Proxy allows remote access to purchased faculty and university electronic informational sources (databases, e-books, e-journals) and work with e-resources from home or from other PC stations, independent of the IP address. Access is granted only for employees and students of the 3. FM CU with a valid CU pass. The Portal of Electronic Resources – PEZ ensures a comprehensive overview of all available and purchased electronic sources at CU and 3.FM. (Database, journal database with full text, language dictionaries, e-books, etc.)

2008-11-13 BMJ Online

Medical Faculties of Charles University currently has access to the British Medical Journal.

2008-09-17 New England Journal Of Medicine at CU Is Accessible Online

The entire Charles University currently has access to the New England Journal of Medicine. Access is bound by CU IP addresses, for access to the full text from the FNKV premises, or at home use the portal Onelog, where you can find the journal in the electronic journal library. (EZB).

2008-09-17 Unique Image, Animation, Video, Interactive Study Materials, Including Interactive Tests For Students And Teachers- Available Downloads For The English Curriculum

Try the isolated electronic source Smart-Imagebases from the Ebsco Company that we have purchased for teachers and students as supportive interactive and multimedia material for the instruction of students or for the preparation of English students event. Czech curriculum from our developmental project. You can find animated videos of various medical subjects, interactive educational materials including interactive tests, detailed questions and animations. You can create your own thematic collection for instruction from narrated videos, animations, images for English students. Please write if this resource is interesting and helpful so we have some feedback. You can also download multimedia, images and animation!!!!

2007-09-30 Self-service scanner with a computer – a new service of the digitalization of printed materials and Burning Mechanic

Last week, in the study room in Library, we installed a new computer (OS WinXP) and scanner for theA4 format as a new service of the library. It is for all users-meaning students and employees alike: - Opportunity of a freely accessible PC station with a self-serving construction of digitalized tests from printed materials. - The scanner is equipped with a dia-adapter that allows scanning transparent copies like transparency film or negative films. - OCR opportunity (transmission of scanning text into an edited format) - parameters of the scanner: hardware resolution 4800x9600dpi, bite depth 48bits, - access to the internet

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