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April 23 - Word Book Day

On the occasion of Word Book Day the library declared from April 23 to April 27, 2012 as A WEEK FOR DEBT FORGIVENESS for all students of the Third Faculty of Medicine.

Use this unique chance!
  • Just this week you will be forgiven any unpaid fine, whether these fees were not paid for books returned late, or you still have books, for which you should be fined (bring our books back).

Are you one of the book debtors? You do not know how to find out?
  • Log in to Central Catalog of Charles University (http://ckis.cuni.cz) into your reaThe list of the debtors ders account (link Login CU user on top of the screen).
  • If you successfully complete login, the information about loans and outstanding debts will appear.
  • Outstanding debts for books returned late and other fees: The total amount you will see on the line Cash Transaction.
  • Penalty for not returning books:Click on the number of books borrowed. For each book will show the actual amount of fine, if already exceeded the time for return.Attention!   Take care! The total is increasing day by day.
The list of the debtors: (browse both files - you can be in both) - available only from the Intranet - log in to websites 3.FM
  1. list of users who have not returned books on time and is already counted them daily penalty fee, called demurrage for each book (not listed above penalty fee ranging from 1 CZK to 1000 CZK)
  2. list of users who have not paid penalty fees for late return of books or those books and still not returned except (see file 1) have been generated by penalty fees associated with the recovery