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Změna výuky tělesné výchovy

Dear colleagues,

in connection with the numerous queries regarding the changes in the system of tuition of physical education (hereinafter P.E.) at our faculty, and with the aim of eliminating concerns of some students (arising from incomplete or skewed information), I would like to inform you of the following.

Five weeks ago, a contract between the Second and Third Faculty of Medicine was signed regarding the provision of P.E. tuition for our students by the Second Faculty of Medicine. This is mainly an administrative-economic change, which has no effect on compulsory or elective P.E. tuition for our students. The reasoning behind this action was the fact that a combined department of Physical Education for the Second and Third Faculty of Medicine never formally existed – some of the employees were employed by the Second Faculty of Medicine, some by the Third Faculty of Medicine, and there were several problems that arose relating to the accounting of overhead costs, rents, etc. Our faculty also differs in the sense that P.E. is elective, whereas at the Second Faculty of Medicine, P.E. is a compulsory subject.

Based on an extensive economic and factual analysis, and after consultation with the Advisory Board, I came to the decision that P.E. tuition (including all courses) will be carried out at our faculty in a means similar to that at other faculties, i.e. based on a contract with a different faculty (in our case the Second Faculty of Medicine). This provision has no effect on the availability of P.E. for those students who are interested in it (the tuition of the compulsory subject Physical activity in prevention will not be limited in any way) – quite on the contrary, after discussion with the head of department the number of offered sports courses has increased.
Other than altering the organizational status of the department, this change should also lead to economic savings at the faculty, which will, beginning with the academic year 2014/2015, pay for the hours and courses taught, in keeping with the fact that the sum we will pay the Second Faculty of Medicine shall never be below 33% of the total expenses of the department. In the academic year that is currently starting there are no changes to financing – the department will therefore receive the same amount of money as last year, regardless of the number of enrolled students.

Finally, this organizational change never had and doesn’t have any intent to decrease the availability of sports activities for our students and the carrying out of this change shall elicit no change in relation to the present status of things.

Prof. Michal Anděl, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean of the Third Faculty of Medicine

:: Letter from the Dean of the 3rd FM CU [pdf]

Antonín Dvořák